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Our vision is simple:

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The church, any church, is a family. Many people in our fragmented society are discovering a deep need to feel part of a community that values and accepts them. Cornerstone offers a place of security and love for individuals and families.  We do this in the following ways:

-Offering a place of security and love for individuals and families

-Providing effective pastoral support of all who come to Cornerstone

-Encouraging the church family to be involved in all aspects of church life

-Providing opportunities for us to grow closer together


We all have faith in something. It’s in our DNA to build our lives on some sort of belief. Christians across two millennia have found that trusting in God is the only reliable foundation for living. Jesus said that everything else is like shifting sands. Cornerstone is built on the following principles:

-Trusting God and following His teachings

-Knowing that Jesus is the son of God

-Celebrating His resurrection, our forgiveness and the gift of eternal life

-Experiencing the power of His Holy Spirit


At Cornerstone every person is valued for who they are and encouraged to do their part to keep the family happy and healthy.  But serving each other is only half the story; we try to serve our community too, offering practical love and a road to hope:

-Serving Black Notley through a range of activities and

-Building relationships and trust with the local community

-Seeking ways to bring people to faith in Jesus

-Supporting a number of local and national Christian organisations


Life is a journey.  Whatever stage we are at in our spiritual walk, we want everyone who is a part of Cornerstone to continually grow in faith in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, through:

-Developing and deepening our personal relationships with God

-Providing effective prayer ministry

-Increasing and developing our spiritual gifts

-Fulfilling each individual’s potential that God has placed in us

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